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Booking a private program? Plan ahead! We recommend requesting a program two weeks ahead of your desired date!

Join a certified interpretive guide & wilderness first responder for a private hike, nature walk, or interpretive program in the Vail backcountry, or at one of our conveniently located nature centers.

We offer full-day hikes, half-day hikes, and 2-3 hour walks & talks. Our guides pick the best trails to fit your group’s experience and interests!

Create Your Private Program

*One guide per 12 participants. Group size restrictions may apply for backcountry hikes.

Nature Walk (Non-Backcountry)

  • 1-2 Hour Nature Walk or Program | 2-6 participants | $100/hr
  • 1-2 Hour Nature Walk or Program | 7-12 participants | $125/hr
  • Custom Program | $125 per hour per guide

Backcountry Hikes

  • Half Day Hike (up to 4 hours) | 2-6 participants | $300
  • Half Day Hike (up to 4 hours) | 7-12 participants | $500
  • Full Day Hike (4-8 hours) | 2-6 participants | $450
  • Full Day Hike (4-8 hours) | 7-12 participants | $700
Easiest Who is this for?
Those looking for a relaxed pace, and educational experience, on some of Eagle County’s easier trails.What to expect:
Mostly half-day hikes, and easier full-day hikes on flat & rolling terrain; can also include short hikes with moderate elevation gain.Distance & Elevation Gain:
≤ 7 miles, ≤ 800 ft.
Moderate Who is this for?
Those looking for a great introduction to full day hikes in Eagle County. These hikes take you to some of Eagle County’s more moderate trails, and include hikes to alpine lakes, summits with panoramic views, and along remote mountain creeks.What to expect:
Moderate full day hikes. These trails are well maintained and may include steady climbs that aren’t too steep.Distance & Elevation Gain
≤ 8 miles, 800-2,000 ft.
Challenging Who is this for?
Those looking for a full day of hiking through Colorado’s Rocky Mountains to many of our favorite destinations–including high mountain lakes & glacial valleys!What to expect:
Full days on trails with moderate climbs, interspersed with short steep sections; mostly well-maintained trails.Distance & Elevation Gain:
5-10 miles, 2,000 – 3,000 ft.

Most Difficult

Who is this for?
Those looking to challenge themselves, and hike to the most spectacular destinations in Eagle County. High alpine lakes and rocky summits await those willing to tackle these long hikes and steep climbs!What to expect:
Over 6 hours on the trail, little to no flat hiking, mixed trail conditions including rocky trails and possibly some boulder scrambling, spectacular alpine views!Distance & Elevation Gain:
8-15 miles, >3,000
*Walking Mountains’ public hikes are group actives, and we generally hike around 1.5-2 mph. 

Mountain Lakes Hike / June – October
Hike to one of the Eagle Valley’s many remote mountain lakes. With a variety of moderate to more challenging destinations to choose from—these hikes offer the best bang for your buck on the trail and are our most popular hikes.


Alpine Summits & Passes Hike / June – October
Hike above treeline and experience Colorado’s most rugged and iconic ecosystem—the alpine tundra. Panoramic views, stunning wildflowers, and opportunities to meet the resident wildlife, marmots & pika, are staples of these challenging hikes.


Life on the Front Lines: Colorado’s Alpine in a Changing Climate
**Half Day Only

Hike along the scenic Machinegun Ridge and witness the hardy communities that thrive in Colorado’s most iconic landscape. In the Rocky Mountains, the alpine tundra is on the front lines of the climate crisis. Learn how studying pika, and other iconic alpine species, helps scientists understand how these communities are adapting to climate change, and how these changes will impact communities downstream.


Alpine Wildflowers / July & August
**Half Day Only

Cushion Plants, ‘Old Man of the Mountains’, Colorado Columbine: these picturesque wildflowers, among many others, thrive in one of the harshest of mountain environments. Learn how these gorgeous flowers are uniquely adapted to live above tree-line and get your chance to photograph these beautiful plants.


Discover your Forest!
Forests have long inspired poets and philosophers with their age & quiet solitude. In Colorado, our diverse forest types support different wildlife communities and promote the diversity of life that flourishes here. Many of our favorite local trails follow rambling streams through old stands of spruce, and thriving groves of Aspen. These hikes often feature views of the surrounding mountains, moderate trails, and signs of the wildlife that call these forests home!


What’s Blooming? / June – August
Take a walk or a hike and learn to identify (and capture some photographs of) many of Colorado’s diverse wildflowers. Your guide will pick a trail specifically for your trip to feature the best currently in-bloom wildflowers in the mountains.


Colorado’s Wildlife
Enjoy a nature walk or half day hike, and learn about what wildlife might be hiding just beyond our sight. Although wildlife sightings are rare, your guide will bring along furs, skulls, and prints to enhance your experience!


Fall Colors / September & October
Experience Colorado’s Mountains in their fall coat! Around mid-September the valley turns into a mosaic of green and gold, with Aspen groves turning in unison to shimmering golden expanse. Hike through the valley’s hidden aspen groves, and learn about why Colorado’s only Montane deciduous tree is the ‘superhero tree’ of our forests.


Come and explore the outdoors with your early childhood learner! Similar to our EarthKeepers and Nature Tykes programs this customizable programs can highlight a variety of subjects including:

  • Animals with Antlers
  • Ponds & Puddles
  • Wild & Wacky Weather
  • Remarkable Raptors
  • Insect Mania
  • Animal Homes
  • Rockin’ Rocks
  • Buzz Buzz Buzz
  • Fossils & Dinosaurs
  • And more!

Don’t see exactly what you’re looking for?

Walking Mountains also offers custom programs for $125 per hour, per guide (1 per 12 people)!