2016 Summer Science Camps
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Donor Registration: Monday, February 29, 2016
Open Registration: Monday, March 7, 2016

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Our summer science camps allow children to experience the wild places of the Eagle Valley while nurturing their connection to the natural world through backyard explorations. Campers investigate principles of ecology and develop an understanding of scientific concepts through fun, adventure, and exploration.

Camp sessions highlight different natural history topics and are geared toward helping students develop an understanding and appreciation of the natural world. Sessions are all age-appropriate and supervised by qualified environmental educators that make learning safe and fun.

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Mammal Detectives (Earth Explorers Single Day Camp)

Avon –Tuesday, June 21 – Follow our furry friends through their daily lives in Colorado. 

Avon –Thursday, June 23 – Who ate who? Help solve this food chain mystery.

9:00 am to 4:00 pm. $50 per day.

Wild Wetlands (Earth Explorers Single Day Camp)

Avon –Tuesday, June 28 – Explore life under water through the eyes of the insects and fish that live in our creeks. 

Avon –Thursday, June 30 – How is a wetland like a sponge? Join us to find out!

9:00 am to 4:00 pm. $50 per day.

Mysteries of the Night (Earth Explorers Single Day Camp)

Avon –Tuesday, July 26 – Discover the amazing adaptations of nocturnal animals. 

Avon –Thursday, July 28 – Explore how the starry night has inspired stories in the sky.

9:00 am to 4:00 pm. $50 per day.

Volcanoes, Caves, and Canyons (Week-Long Day Camp)

Visit a crater, build a volcano, and explore a cave. Journey to some of Colorado’s most exciting geologic creations, and discover what makes them rock!

Avon – June 13-June 17 $295
Eagle – July 5-July 8 $235* (No camp on Monday, July 4th)
Avon – August 1-August 5 $295

Winged Wonders (Week-Long Day Camp)

Gain a new perspective as you take flight and explore life from a birds eye view. Join us for a week of fun and discovery as you learn about things with wings!

Avon – June 20- June 24 $295

Decomposer Detectives (Week-Long Day Camp)

Get up close and personal with some of nature’s tiniest workers. Investigate the important role decomposers play in our ecosystem as you explore the places they inhabit and discover how they break it down!

Avon – June 27- July 1 $295

Beavers and Builders (Week-Long Day Camp)

Get ready to explore the mysteries of architecture in nature! Learn how beavers build lodges, birds make nests, spiders spin webs, bees construct hives, and much more.
Avon – August 8-August 12 $295
Eagle– July 11- July 15 $295

Shutterbugs and Beetle Galleries (Week-Long Day Camp)

Through the lens of a camera, explore nature and art! Discover the fascinating world of six-legged creatures as you create your own insect habitat, learn about their life cycles, and uncover what makes them unique.

Avon – July 18-July 22 $295

Earthquakes, Layers, and Landforms (Week-Long Day Camp)

Explore the Earth’s changing surface by investigating our local glacial valleys, caves, fossil beds, and fault lines. Travel through time as you learn about the magnificent geologic features located in our backyard.

Avon – June 13-June 17 $295
Eagle – July 5-July 8 $235* (No camp on Monday, July 4th)

Surviving the Wild (Week-Long Day Camp)

Do you have what it takes to survive the wild? Join us for a week of fun as we learn how to build shelters, locate water, identify edible plants, make cordage, and many other helpful skills for exploring the wild trails of the backcountry!

Avon – June 20-June 24 $295
Eagle – July 11-July 15 $295
Avon – August 8-August 12 $295

Microcosm Madness (Week-Long Day Camp)

Bacteria, fungus, earthworms, OH MY! Join us for a week of digging down in the dirt, peering through microscopes, and developing scientific powers that will allow YOU to uncover the secrets of the unseen worlds all around us!

Avon- June 27-July 1 $295

Water Wizards (Week-Long Day Camp)

Splash your way through a week investigating water and its many wonders! Students explore the art, science, and importance of water in their lives through daily field trips to local aquatic locations. Wizards will leave the week donned in water wise capes and filled with knowledge and appreciation of their local waterways.

Avon – July 18-July 22 $295

Guardians of the Forest (Week-Long Day Camp)

Discover the diverse and unique forest types of Colorado. Grow tall with a new tree every day and learn about the ‘giants’ who inhabit these magical places.

Avon – August 1-August 5 $295

Mountain Quest (Overnight)

This overnight adventure introduces young naturalists to the great outdoors by exploring Rocky Mountain ecology, orienteering, nocturnal wildlife, and more. You’ll have fun making friends as you develop teamwork skills while exploring backcountry trails!

Avon – June 27-June 29 (Shrine Mountain Inn)  $325 

August 8-August 10 (Location TBD**) $325

Tracks and Trails (Overnight)

A print in the mud, a beaver chewed log, or a fragment of bone – these signs and more are just some of the clues that can be pieced together to uncover the mysterious lives of local wildlife! Learn traditional stalking methods and use tracking tools to hone your skills as an animal detective on this overnight adventure.

Avon – July 25-July 27 (Location TBD**) $325

Adventure Seekers (Week-Long Day Camp)

Come explore the many adventures our valley has to offer! Raft a river, scale a wall, go spelunking in a nearby cave, and attempt a peak ascent! Challenge yourself, work as a team, and create exciting memories this summer!

Avon – June 13-June 16 (No camp on Friday, June 17) $295

STEM Discovery: Ready, Set, STEM! (Week-Long Day Camp)

Come explore the topics of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics through field trips, experiments, and investigations. Create a better understanding of STEM through hands-on exploration and meet STEM professionals who are making a difference in the world and in our community.

Avon– July 11- July 15 $295

Farm to Table (Week-Long Day Camp)

Experience the path of local food as it travels from the farm to your table! Become a ranch-hand, author, gardener, and chef as you travel the valley working, exploring, and learning side by side with locals and experts in the “field”!

Avon – July 25-July 29 $295

Wilderness Challenge (Overnight)

Summit a peak, hike a ridge, gaze at the stars, and find your way with a map and compass in this exhilarating adventure in the mountains. Spend your days exploring and your nights learning games, reading stories, and eating s’mores with new friends.

Avon – June 20-June 23 (Shrine Mountain Inn) $385

July 18-July 21 (Location TBD**) $385

Pathfinders (Overnight)

Walk in the footsteps of famous naturalists and re-create the journeys of some of the earliest inhabitants and explorers of the Rocky Mountains. Travel through the mountains with a fresh new perspective, make new friends, and leave your mark while contributing to a citizen science project.

Avon – July 5-July 8 (Shrine Mountain Inn) $385

STEM Discover: Solar Solutions (Week-Long Day Camp)

Discover the amazing world of renewable energy. Over the week you will design and build structures powered solely by the sun and investigate the inner workings of solar energy.

Avon – July 25-July 29 $295

Ridge to River (Overnight)

Experience all the Rockies have to oer on this unforgettable overnight program! Bag a peak, tube down the Colorado River, and realize your leadership potential during this exciting week of adventure

Avon – July 11-July 14 (Polar Star Hut) $385

The Earth, Stars, and BEYOND! (Overnight)

Navigate the night sky with the North Star as your guide. Zoom from your place on planet Earth to other planets, constellations, and even distant galaxies. Stay up late and experience the night from a whole new perspective from the comforts of the Polar Star Hut.

Avon – August 1-August 4 (Polar Star Hut) $385

Backpacking Basics

Come learn the ropes of backpacking as you explore the beauty Eagle County has to oer. Discover how to properly pack a backpack, follow a map, filter water, cook a backcountry meal, hang a bear bag, and much more!

Avon – July 18-July 21 (Holy Cross Wilderness) $385

The Ultimate Backpacking Adventure

Take your backpacking skills to the next level with the Ultimate Backpacking Adventure! Challenge yourself with longer days hiking on more rigorous terrain. Hone your backpacking abilities as you learn new leadership skills and put them to use on the trail. Intended for those with previous backpacking experience.

Avon – August 1-August 4 (Holy Cross Wilderness) $385

Refund Policy:

In the event you must cancel your registration for Science Summer Camp, please contact Summer Programs Coordinator, Rachel Zacher at summercamp@walkingmountains.org or 970-827-9725 ext. 114.

You will receive a refund as defined below:

  1. Refund will be issued in the same manner payment was made.
  2. 100% of tuition paid, less a $25 cancellation fee will be refunded if notice is received prior to June 1st.
  3. 70% of tuition paid will be refunded if notice is received after June 1st.
  4. Cancellations received within 14 days of session start date forfeit full tuition.
  5. Cancellation requests due to illness or accident prior to the camp session start date require a physician’s written verification. Upon receipt of verification, we will issue a full refund less a $25 cancellation fee. We will also consider family emergencies for a full refund less a $25 cancellation fee.
  6. Refunds will not be issued for missed days within a session.
  7. Campers sent home for disciplinary reasons will not receive a refund.

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