Elizabeth Baer

Sustainability Intern

I (she/her) was born and raised in Seattle, Washington and loved spending lots of time exploring the Cascades and Washington Coast growing up. Volunteering at Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle throughout high school, where I later worked over the summers in college, I discovered a passion for environmental education and community-based conservation. I am really passionate about encouraging empathy for the environment through meaningful and positive experiences with both children and adults. I will graduate from Trinity College, in Hartford Connecticut in May of 2022 with a BS in Environmental Science with a concentration in Conservation Biology. I’m so excited to be working with Walking Mountains and starting my career in environmentalism at such a great institution!

In my free time I love to run (both road and trail), hike, ski, kayak, and really anything that gets me moving outdoors. I could not be more excited to be in Vail and be a part of such a great community!